We don’t ever plan to have accidents but unfortunately from time to time they do happen…

And when it is not your fault you want to make sure that you are not lumbered with a cost that you would otherwise not have to bare. It’s these rare but critically important times that we help our clients deal with often complex situations.

Brooklands is a specialist practice and we have accumulated vast experience in dealing with personal injury and compensation matters on behalf of our clients for more than a decade now. We deal with all aspects of the process from contact with the third party insurance company to medical rehabilitation, repair and replacement of your vehicle to contact with your insurance provider.

Over the last decade working closely with most insurance providers we have developed great rapport with these companies as they know that we prepare diligently, don’t compromise and when necessary would not hesitate to take them to court.

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The law protects those injured in an accident where they were not deemed to be at fault. We strongly support the rights of those who have suffered and need redress. Although there have been numerous changes in the legislative frameworks governing these principles the fundamentals are still preserved. We strive day and night to ensure that we achieve financial redress for our clients when they suffer due to the fault of others.

When you have been hurt due to the fault of someone else it is not uncommon to find that the process is not straightforward. In fact, we would be surprised if the Third Party and the Insurer were not actively placing hurdles in your path. Inevitably their duty is to ensure they minimise any costs and payouts. This is why the Law Society and consumer support organisations regularly advise the public to use an independent solicitor with expertise in personal injury law.

Should you ever have find yourself in such a position where you have been injured due to fault or negligence of someone else we would provide a fully tailored one-stop service from the start to the completion of your claim.

  • We go the extra mile for our clients – Having served more than 5000 clients we have easily done excess of 5000 miles
  • We have more than 50 years of experience in our legal team – Though a young team all of our legal experts have many
  • We achieve settlements for more than 70% in the 1st 3 months
  • On average we achieve a 150% or better settlement than when dealing direct
  • We have extensive experience of recovering credit hire and repair costs
  • One stop for all the support you will need

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